The Bike Nerd was an adventure from 2010 until about 2011.
I biked many back roads, rode many buses, stayed in some hotels, and slept on many couches. It was a fantastic year.

This used to be a blog. Now it's not. I still have all the content, just not in web form at the moment. Please download the PDF's below (for free) for the story of The Bike Nerd.

I've biked for over 25 years, and this year of interestate bike travel taught me a lot. Feel free to contact me with bike adventure related questions at or on Twitter, @sethw.

'Seven Months' is about my first seven months on the road after leaving NYC with just my bike, a bag, and a laptop. I made my way across NJ and PA, and then all the way down to New Orleans, LA with the help of a bike-bag and Greyhound bus tickets!
Download 'Seven Months' for Free (PDF)

I traveled from Miami, FL to Portland, ME - 12 cities in 14 days - with my Brompton folding bike in 2011.
Download 'Florida to Maine by Bike and Train' for Free (PDF)

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