How To Make Your Paintball Hopper Look Like A Million Bucks

Reasonable priced paintball hopperWhen you are first starting in paintball, there are many pieces of equipment that you will need to learn about. Playing the game requires much more than just a gun and some paintball ammo. you also need other important equipment to get your gun up to snuff on the paintball field.

When you get your gun, you will first need a way to propel the paintball out of the end of your gun’s barrel. This would either be CO2 or air under high pressure. Most guns allow you to attach a small air or co2 tank on your gun to provide this propellant. Some even allow the propellant tank to double as your gun’s stock. These tanks are usually refillable at your local paintball playing field.

If you are using a pistol as either your main gun or back up weapon, you may need to use a c02 cartridge which is basically just a smaller and disposable version of an air tank. These can usually be found at places that sell regular bb or pellet guns because some of these guns use them as well.

Customized paintball hoppersThe next important piece of equipment that you need to attach to your gun is the ammo hopper and its always good to just one of the best paintball loaders. This is a container used to hold a number of paintballs which are fed by gravity into your gun’s shooting mechanism. Depending on the size of your ammo hopper, these containers can sometimes provide hundreds of paintballs to your gun.

When you are on the field, you may also want to have a squeegee at your disposal. Sometimes a paintball can break inside your barrel leaving things a mess. A quick squeegee can clean out the mess fairly fast to get you back in the game.

Sometimes a scope or red dot sight can be a nice addition to a paintball gun as well. Not only will it make the gun look more intimidating, it can help you get the hits that you need on the field. The only problem is that if you are planning on adding a scope, make sure you take the time to set it up properly so that it hits what you are aiming at. you’d be surprised on how many people forget something like this!

Getting your gun ready for a paintball firefight can be just as important as getting yourself ready! The necessary additions to your paintball gun are imperative.

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The Ziploc V203 vacuum sealer

How many times has your food gone bad? Refrigeration isn’t a saving grace always. Then a Ziploc Vacuum Sealer is what you need. Ziploc has come out with its latest vacuum sealer, the V203. The benefit of vacuum sealing is that it enables you to store food up to a year. Even raw steaks and meat can be vacuum sealed and stored for a long time. The new V203 is an extremely user friendly model, which gets the job done.

Ziploc V203The machine comes with three buttons- Vacuum and seal, cancel and seal only. There are no hidden tricks here. The buttons function just as they are labelled. The vacuum and seal button pulls out all the air before sealing the plastic bags. The seal button, simply seals the bags, with air inside it. This is the option to use when you will be sealing foods that can be easily crushed, such as crips. Even fresh blueberries are recommended to be only sealed, as vacuuming them can turn them into a mush. Believe me! I have been there and done that. However, frozen blueberries can be vacuum sealed. The Ziploc vacuum sealer also comes with a port and vacuum hose, allowing you to vacuum seal compatible canisters and jars.

These sealers are quite easy to use, with two white locking buttons, that pop-up when you lock the machine, indicating that the machine is closed and ready to seal. While operating, a red LED informs you of its work being ensued, which then shuts off once it’s done sealing the packs. All you have to do next is press down on those pop-up buttons and release the bag. Voila! Just like magic, you will have your vacuum sealed bags!

These sleek machines come in three colour variants of white, black and red. They cool uber cool on any kitchen counter. You even get a bunch of Ziploc bags, that come along with the machine, when you make your buy. These take you ages to run out of. Once you eventually do finish them, you can easily grab more of them online or at your retail store. You get all of these for 69.99 dollars on their official website. A pretty good deal, if you ask me. But hey, don’t have to take my word for it. There are plenty of other ziploc vacuum sealer reviews online, raving about these. We can’t all be wrong now, can we?

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Help to find a new petrol strimmer

If you have been shopping around for a petrol strimmer, you will have been confronted with a number of options. Before you pick your petrol strimmer, don’t pick it on the basis of being the most expensive one you can afford. Make sure the one you want is suitable for the job you have in mind.

The first thing you must consider is the weight. If you can’t handle the strimmer then you can’t use it. This isn’t just a case of weight, it also depends on where the handles are situated; you want to make sure that whilst you are holding the strimmer it rests as comfortably as possible. The only way to test this out is to go down to a dealership that holds a large variety of petrol strimmers, so you can feel the weight of each one. But, it is important to arm yourself with further information to make sure you’re not swayed away from what you’re after once you’re in the shop.

When you know what you can handle weight-wise, engine size is perhaps the next most important thing. Petrol strimmers come in a variety of engine sizes, the general rule being that the bigger the CC the tougher the jobs they can tackle; although it is worth mentioning that if you intend to use your strimmer on things like hedges, although some models could tackle a hedge, you are ill-advised to do this as petrol strimmers were not designed for this purpose. If you have long grass or tough areas of weed, it’s likely you will want to use a strimmer with a larger engine size.

Thirdly, find out more about the cutting tool. Most people will know about the nylon cord, as it is commonly used in cheap and cheerful petrol strimmers. Variations of this are used on some of the better petrol strimmers, which feature multiple nylon cutting blades (far thicker and wider than the standard cord and suitable for dense material). Nylon is perfect for softer materials such as grass and weeds.

Tooth blades are solid all-in-one blades which usually feature rectangular ‘teeth’ strutting out from a circular disc. These blades are quite hard duty work and are suitable for soft materials and general modest brush.

The final type of blade most popular in petrol strimmers is a brush blade. These blades look similar to what you may see on a circular saw as they commonly feature a series of jagged cutting teeth around the disc. As they are designed for cutting, they can be used to strim more woody materials.

Finally, you need to make a note of the cutting radius. This is important as the cutting radius allows you to understand how long it is going to take you to complete the job; a large cutting radius will have the job completed in less time. If you have a large area to keep under control, you may find a small cutting radius makes the job impractical to tackle with a petrol strimmer. So, you may have to assess further options.

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