Would you DVR your own life?

The bicycle changed my life, and maybe it could change yours. Or maybe you want to skate. Or play basketball. Or take photos. Or be a writer.

I remember being in a drainage ditch in Austin, watching friends on their BMX bikes. There was no other place I’d rather be, smelling stale water, hearing the squeaks of brake pads, hearing the rumble of traffic overhead.

I was hiking in Jim Thorpe, PA. The trail got so dangerous we turned around. We found out later that people have died on that trail.

I rode my bike through the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA.

I stood on mountains, explored caves, met people, ate amazing food.

Each of those moments were “edits” to my life. I think of Anthony Bourdain, and the edits of those adventures. There’s plenty of down-time, and only the best footage gets on TV.

Are your best moments in life during the one week vacation you take? Maybe we should be striving to work jobs where we don’t look at the clock or count down the days until the weekend.

No one gets handed dream gigs and adventures. You want to write? Get off Tumblr and start writing. You want to get paid to travel the world and take photos? Well, cancel cable, save some money then travel the world and take photos.

I worked at some big names in online media without a college degree. I spent hours figuring out how to build websites and started a music blog in 2001. No one handed this to me. My “lucky” break of being able to travel for the past 7+ months was over 10 years in the making.

Being plain isn’t an option anymore, because everyone can be plain. Plain is covered, and that’s why no one gets paid much to be plain.