How To Make Your Paintball Hopper Look Like A Million Bucks

Reasonable priced paintball hopperWhen you are first starting in paintball, there are many pieces of equipment that you will need to learn about. Playing the game requires much more than just a gun and some paintball ammo. you also need other important equipment to get your gun up to snuff on the paintball field.

When you get your gun, you will first need a way to propel the paintball out of the end of your gun’s barrel. This would either be CO2 or air under high pressure. Most guns allow you to attach a small air or co2 tank on your gun to provide this propellant. Some even allow the propellant tank to double as your gun’s stock. These tanks are usually refillable at your local paintball playing field.

If you are using a pistol as either your main gun or back up weapon, you may need to use a c02 cartridge which is basically just a smaller and disposable version of an air tank. These can usually be found at places that sell regular bb or pellet guns because some of these guns use them as well.

Customized paintball hoppersThe next important piece of equipment that you need to attach to your gun is the ammo hopper and its always good to just one of the best paintball loaders. This is a container used to hold a number of paintballs which are fed by gravity into your gun’s shooting mechanism. Depending on the size of your ammo hopper, these containers can sometimes provide hundreds of paintballs to your gun.

When you are on the field, you may also want to have a squeegee at your disposal. Sometimes a paintball can break inside your barrel leaving things a mess. A quick squeegee can clean out the mess fairly fast to get you back in the game.

Sometimes a scope or red dot sight can be a nice addition to a paintball gun as well. Not only will it make the gun look more intimidating, it can help you get the hits that you need on the field. The only problem is that if you are planning on adding a scope, make sure you take the time to set it up properly so that it hits what you are aiming at. you’d be surprised on how many people forget something like this!

Getting your gun ready for a paintball firefight can be just as important as getting yourself ready! The necessary additions to your paintball gun are imperative.

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