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I’ve been on the road since August of 2010, and fully ditched the office life in Febuary of 2011. Since then I’ve gotten creative in the ways I earn money.

The idea for this adventure happened in about two weeks. Then I hopped an Amtrak Train from New York City to Miami, FL ($170 or so, 27 hour ride). Then, with my Brompton folding bike and a few more train tickets, I made my from through Florida all the way north to Portland, ME. In all I visited 12 cities in 14 days, stayed in a few crappy hotel rooms, and met amazing people all along the way. While this was probably the worst financial adventure I’ve ever taken, I’d do it again in a heart beat.

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This was my very first ebook, and the most popular, with over 250 downloads. The ebook ‘Seven Months’ is all about my first seven months on the road, as I made my way from Brooklyn NY, across NJ and PA, then south from Columbus OH, all the way to New Orleans, LA. I was doing a lot of riding between cities at this point, and figuring out things as I went along. I ditched clothing, extra shoes, and even changed up bikes a few times!

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I do freelance web work. I’ve been working online since 1995, launching my own music blog in 2001 and working for clients at AOL, Field & Stream Magazine and AOL Music.

I can write, manage an editorial team, code HTML newsletters, edit video and audio, create header images for your blog, overhaul Big Cartel shops, build blogs, run social media, manage domain names, streamline workflows and bake amazing chocolate chip cookies.

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I draw various robots while on the road, and sell them via my Big Cartel store front. Most of my drawings are one-off, exclusive pieces that I create in transit stations and coffee shops during my travels. They’re drawn using various Sharpies and other fine pens.

A dollar ($1.00) from every purchase goes to METAL MEOWLISHA, the cat rescue run by Obituary’s Donald Tardy and his wife Heather.

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A few of my photographs and illustrations are available through Society6, a place where I upload my work and they “produce it using only the highest quality materials, and ship it to you on behalf of the artist.” Art prints, framed art prints, and stretched canvases are available. Long time readers might recognize some of the photos from my travels, as some of the images have been used on this blog!

Order a piece from the store and support my travels!

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Like what I’m doing by don’t need a robot, an ebook, or a website? Please consider donating any dollar amount! Every little bit helps put food in my belly, coffee on my desk, and covers my travel expenses. Donate $10 or more and I’ll send you a postcard from the city I’m in!

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