The Ziploc V203 vacuum sealer

How many times has your food gone bad? Refrigeration isn’t a saving grace always. Then a Ziploc Vacuum Sealer is what you need. Ziploc has come out with its latest vacuum sealer, the V203. The benefit of vacuum sealing is that it enables you to store food up to a year. Even raw steaks and meat can be vacuum sealed and stored for a long time. The new V203 is an extremely user friendly model, which gets the job done.

Ziploc V203The machine comes with three buttons- Vacuum and seal, cancel and seal only. There are no hidden tricks here. The buttons function just as they are labelled. The vacuum and seal button pulls out all the air before sealing the plastic bags. The seal button, simply seals the bags, with air inside it. This is the option to use when you will be sealing foods that can be easily crushed, such as crips. Even fresh blueberries are recommended to be only sealed, as vacuuming them can turn them into a mush. Believe me! I have been there and done that. However, frozen blueberries can be vacuum sealed. The Ziploc vacuum sealer also comes with a port and vacuum hose, allowing you to vacuum seal compatible canisters and jars.

These sealers are quite easy to use, with two white locking buttons, that pop-up when you lock the machine, indicating that the machine is closed and ready to seal. While operating, a red LED informs you of its work being ensued, which then shuts off once it’s done sealing the packs. All you have to do next is press down on those pop-up buttons and release the bag. Voila! Just like magic, you will have your vacuum sealed bags!

These sleek machines come in three colour variants of white, black and red. They cool uber cool on any kitchen counter. You even get a bunch of Ziploc bags, that come along with the machine, when you make your buy. These take you ages to run out of. Once you eventually do finish them, you can easily grab more of them online or at your retail store. You get all of these for 69.99 dollars on their official website. A pretty good deal, if you ask me. But hey, don’t have to take my word for it. There are plenty of other ziploc vacuum sealer reviews online, raving about these. We can’t all be wrong now, can we?

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